Hello and welcome to my website. How’s your day been? Can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? Toasted sandwich? A selection of hot and cold snacks? No? In that case, I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you a bit about myself. You know? All that ‘I was born at an early age and raised by zebras in the Belgian rainforest’ kind of stuff? But I’m not going to. Frankly, I’m just not sure how interesting it is, to anyone else. And besides, you’ve probably already skipped to the part you came here for. Books, or author visits, or whatever. Which is fair enough. But in case you haven’t – and there’s something specific you need to find out about me, for a school project or something, just get in touch and ask. There’s at least a hundred and twelvety different ways of doing that, these days.

My name is Jonathan Meres, by the way and I’m a children’s author. Probably best known for my World of Norm series.  Sold nearly a million copies in the UK.  Translated into 20-something different languages.  World Book Day author blah blah blah.  But guess what.  I haven’t always been an author. Here are some of the other things I’ve been:

  • Kid
  • Paper boy
  • Merchant seaman
  • Ice cream van driver
  • Hand model
  • Security guard
  • Pop video extra
  • Actor
  • Comedian
  • TV & radio scriptwriter

Now here are some things, I would have liked to have been:

  • Footballer
  • Astronaut
  • Rock star
  • Bus driver

OK, that’s enough, for now. Let’s crack on.